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If you live in the city and you drain sink water or flush a toilet, the wastewater more than likely goes into a municipal maintained sewer system and then gets processed at the local sewage treatment plant. But if your home is located in a small community, cottage or rural area your wastewater will be treated by a septic system located on your property.

Septic systems are very common on rural homes and cottage properties. A septic system usually consists of a tank and a leaching bed, which sometimes may be called a tile bed. The septic system treats your sewage right in your own yard and then releases the treated runoff back into the groundwater. A septic system is privately owned and by law as the property owner you are responsible for its installation, safe operation, maintenance and repair.

Proper Septic System Maintenance is Important

A septic system is like any other equipment in your house. If you operate and maintain the system responsibly, it will work well and should last a long time. A properly functioning septic system provides a safe, reliable way of treating your household wastewater. If you don't maintain your septic system, you could be carelessly endangering your family and community’s health. Also you could be causing irreversible damage to the environment and any nearby water resources. If problems arise with your septic system, replacement costs are very high, so you should practice septic preventative maintenance.

We Work on All Types of Septic Systems

Edgar Howden & Sons Ltd has a team of professional that are dedicated to installing all types of septic systems in Milton and the Greater Toronto Area West. If you are installing a new septic system, we will refer you to an engineer to assist and design. We will assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and we will then install the system and work with municipal inspectors for certification.

 If you have any questions concerning a septic sewage system, please do not hesitate to call us at 905 878 6258 or send us an email.

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